THiNK real estate – grow RiCH

Does the thought of retirement excite you?
Are you living the life you want to live?

Have you ever thought about becoming a real estate investor?

If so, we know you are going to enjoy this program.


We have structured it in a way you will learn the HOW TOs and WHYs of:
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  • How to Find a Deal
  • How to Make Money from Vacant & Distressed Property
  • How to Create an Offer
  • How to Negotiate a Deal
  • Financing: How, Who, Why, & Where
  • Understanding REOs
  • Landlording Successfully
  • Designing Floor Plans
  • Project Management

and surprise BONUS CLASS


The choices we make shape our lives.  Make a choice to invest in yourself.


If you ever wanted to get into REAL ESTATE INVESTING, now you can.

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[quote style=”1″]”After going through Connie and Sheila’s Think Real Estate Grow Rich – Real Estate Investing Course, my eyes were opened to the fantastically diverse world of Real Estate Investing and all it has to offer. Connie and Sheila thoroughly explained all aspects of Real Estate Investing from Wholesaling Properties to Land-lording and everything in between. I walked away from their course knowing what type of Real Estate Investing interested me most as well as the tools and confidence to act on what I learned, which is oftentimes the missing ingredient in many courses in Real Estate! I would encourage anyone thinking about getting into real estate to make their first investment in themselves by taking this course- it will be the best investment you will ever make.” To be honest, I could write a book…You guys have changed my life and I am so excited about this coming year.

Thanks, Nathan Logsdon[/quote]



By the time you reach the end of Week 10 of our Mentoring Program; THiNK real estate; grow RiCH, you will have a good grasp of what it takes to be successful in real estate investing.  You will have more knowledge than most landlords in this city about being a great landlord.  You will not only know how to find deals and subs, you will know how to manage the project and communicate with subcontractors.  We teach you what kind of lender to look for, and if you need an institutional or a private lender.


Knowing the power of confidence, we will always continue to support you in your investing career giving you the confidence you need to grow.  We want you to be successful in building your real estate investing business.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Here’s to your success!


Connie & Sheila

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