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Start Your Own Podcast, the Easy Way

Podcasting A-Z

Have You Ever Thought of Having Your Own Radio Show?

Imagine being able to share your knowledge, skills, talents and opinions with the world. Sound like something you’re interested in?

In 2010 at an event called Nashville PodCamp we met Cliff Ravenscraft. He is the Podcast Answerman. Within a few weeks of meeting was a reality. Cliff helped us record our very first podcast and push it to iTunes all in the same day. Click her to hear an interview with Cliff 1 year later. It’s our 50th episode.

Lots of people ask us if we make money doing the podcast. They ask how we got started, and what equipment we use. Here are two things we want to share with you.

Your Time Is Valuable

First, don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to start a podcast. Monday, March 4th is the first day of Podcasting A-Z. When we began working with Cliff this course was not available, but had it been – we would have taken advantage of it and Cliff’s knowledge. Too many people waste time trying to learn it all on their own. Your time is valuable, make the most of it by hiring a teacher, a coach-who eventually will become your friend. This online course lasts for (4) weeks and the final day of the course is March 29th. We recorded our first podcast on March 30, 2010. Imagine having your first podcast on iTunes as early as March 30th. You can and will if you give yourself this educational gift. The cost is $999, but if you register through our link you’ll save $100 by using the code peace. We have just been informed this is the last session at this price. The course will be $1999 for the next session (which is still a great deal.) Click here to register for Podcasting A-Z.

This One Deal Will Make Us $222,500

Second, here’s a story answering the question, “Can you make money podcasting?” At the end of our first year of ConnieandSheilaTalk we had the opportunity to buy (5) condos in Nashville. The fair market value was $85,000 each, but using our method of calculations we could only pay $65,000 each. We didn’t know the seller but was introduced by a colleague. The seller’s price was $80,000 each and when we offered $65,000 each he declined. He was a great guy and we enjoyed meeting him, we told him a little about our business and our podcast. A few days later we approached him with another proposal. We offered to pay his price of $80,000 for each condo if he would carry the note ($80,000 x 5 = $400,000) and give us a principal only loan for (5) years. He said he had listened to several episodes of our podcast and felt like he knew us, and then he agreed to basically lend us $400,000 at zero interest. In five years (2015) the principal balance on each condo will be $59,000 each. At just a 2% appreciation rate per year, in five years the condos will be worth an estimated $93,900. When we go to the bank to get the loan to cash out the seller, the condos will be at a 63% LTV (loan-to-value) making it very easy to get a loan. From the tenant’s rent payment we pay the seller and get to keep $800 per month. Figuring all five years (60 months) we will have made $48,000 in cash flow from rents, $105,000 in principal reduction on the loan, and nearly $70,000 in equity. You could say this one deal will make us $222,500 plus the ownership of (5) condos. Click here to hear an episode where we talk about this deal.

Register Today Using the Code PEACE

Do yourself a favor and register for Podcasting A-Z today. The world wants to hear what you have to say. Okay, maybe not the world, but WE do. We want your podcast to be with ours on iTunes.

Here just a few of the details about the course.

  • The class is four weeks in length.
  • It includes every single training tutorial that Cliff has created.
  • It includes FULL-ACCESS to ask Cliff anything, via the online forum, for four full weeks.
  • It includes Four LIVE Group Coaching Conference Calls with Cliff.
  • The cost is $999. HOWEVER, if you use the discount code “peace” you get $100 off! Bringing the cost to $899.

Don’t forget to let us know when you get your podcast up and going. Thank you Cliff for making this podcast a reality for us.


Connie & Sheila

Insurance: What You May Not Realize


What You May Not Realize

It’s September and many students have returned to college or are headed to college for the first time.  Some will live in dorms and but many will live off campus in apartments or share a house with a friend.

It is an exciting time for college students as they experience life away from Mom and Dad, move into adult roles and begin to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

If you find yourself in this position whether you are the student or parent, read on.

There are many things needed in order to have a successful college experience and one is to be prepared for the unexpected.  An area often over looked: Renter’s Insurance.

Really?  Yes, you may be astonished by the outcome of the following story.

December 31, 2009 we experienced our first rental home fire.  It was New Year’s Eve and our tenant was entertaining friends and family.  A fire broke out in the middle of the house and spread quickly.  Within minutes, the house was engulfed in fire and smoke.

Thankfully, everyone made it out safely but our tenant’s possessions were lost and the house suffered $72,000 in damages related to fire, smoke & water.

The local Fire Marshall and our insurance company’s private investigator both came to the same conclusion: The fire had started in a bedroom, on the bed.  More than likely by a match or cigarette.

Of course our insurance covered all of the damages and we were able to re-build the house and make it a better home.  We were covered.  Our tenant was not.

You may be surprised by what happened to our tenant.

The fault of the fire was due to someone in the house that was careless with a cigarette or match.  Our tenant lost everything they owned and did not have renter’s insurance to cover the replacement costs of their personal possessions.  In addition, the tenant was liable for all damages to the home.  Yes, you read that correctly!  The insurance company successfully sued our tenant for all damages to the house, which totaled: $72,000.00.

Even though an incident that causes property damage is purely accidental, insurance companies “go after” the guilty or negligent party and settle the matter in courts of law.

Of course our tenant did not have $72,000.00, so the amount was attached to them via a judgment and an agreed upon monthly payment was scheduled.  Sadly, this judgment may follow them for the rest of their life, affecting both their credit history and their ability to rent or buy a home, in the future.

What impact could Renter’s Insurance have played in this disaster?

Renter’s Insurance can help in several areas but the two most important are:

1) Covers personal property and replacement due to theft, burglaries, fires, etc…

2) Covers property damage due to personal negligence.

If our tenant had renters insurance at the time of the fire they would have been able to replace all of their personal items lost to the fire and the property damage would have been covered.

Typical policies offer:

  • $20,000 to $30,000 for personal property loss
  • $100,000 liability coverage, for property loss

Prices vary but are affected by credit score and can be purchased for as low as $12 per month.

College years should be a time for learning, growing and building lasting friendships. Make sure the experience is not marred by something that can easily be covered.

Sheila Tidwell

Co-Host of  Connie and Sheila Talk

Sheila Tidwell is a licensed REALTOR® in Tennessee and a Real Estate Investor with over 8 years experience.



BLOG: What Your Brain Does When You THiNK Love

Connie Williams’ Blog


There is no new podcast this week. However, we would love to share a fifteen minute video with you. It is a scientific Love Competition.

Click here to redirect to Connie’s blog on her book’s webpage. You will find the video there. The brain is quite phenomenal. Let us know what you think of this short documentary.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Peace & Love,

Connie & Sheila

SFT BLOG: A Perfect Storm for Real Estate

A Perfect Storm for Real Estate

Everyone knows by now the real estate market is cyclical and contains ups and downs and in betweens. We can never be sure of a cycle’s end, until it is over and the market has headed into the next cycle.

But during transitioning periods, the market can experience conflicting stages.

On Sunday, March 18, 2012, The Tennessean newspaper ran a story that reported: “Spring Hill (approx 30 to 40 minutes south of Nashville), is the hottest homes sales market in Middle Tennessee. Anything under $200,000 is going like hotcakes.” A sign welcoming you to Spring Hill boasts: Welcome to Spring Hill, the 14th Fastest Growing City in the Nation.

Part of the reason can be attributed to General Motors and their recent announcement to add almost 2,400 jobs over the next year and part is due to a nice community, good local leadership, consumer confidence and extremely low 30 yr mortgage interest rates.

However, two days later on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, The Tennessean printed a story with the headline:  Housing Market May Get Hit Again.

The article stated: “New research suggests that 2012 will usher in a second wave of foreclosures in the Nashville area. In 2011 about 11 percent of home sales in the Nashville metro area were foreclosure-related, which is a 31 percent drop from 2010. As regulators increased scrutiny of lender’s hasty foreclosure procedures in recent years, banks have taken longer to repossess properties.” This delay of repossession has perhaps skewed our view of the actual number of homes heading to foreclosure.

In spite of this news, Nashville has experienced higher home sales for 2012, over same time in 2011, by 25 percent.

Current reports and data reveal the market is trending out of the current slump and becoming ripe in many areas, while other areas struggle to recover.

What are we to make of this?

We believe this current period is shaping up to be the “perfect storm” for great opportunities in real estate.

Let’s take a look at some of the indicators:

1) Fannie Mae is gearing up with a pilot auction of 2,500 homes and signals that bulk buying is about to undergo a quantum change. The coming auctions will not only put mammoth amounts of inventory up for bid; they will also streamline and automate current procedures.

2) Lenders are lining up and seeking good solid deals to make loans on, with history low interest rates.

3) According to GNAR (Greater Nashville Area of Realtors) 2012 homes sales begin with a 25 percent increase over 2011.

4) The rental market is booming in Nashville- recent additions of very luxurious apartment buildings in downtown, indicate a strong belief, by large commercial property investment firms, that Nashville is in a rental boom market. (See the new beautiful apartment complex: Bell Midtown, job growth, etc…)

Where does this leave you?  Are you ready for the next phase? What can you do to be ready?

  • If you want to buy a home, seek a professional real estate agent with experience. An experienced agent can help you navigate the many requirements of home buying and make it less stressful and help you buy the home of your dreams.
  • If you want to sell your home, ask for advice from an experienced real estate agent. He/She can suggest updates to help you compete in the current market.
  • Decide if you want to become a real estate investor. The time has never been better. Search for your local real estate investor’s group for classes, seminars, etc…
  • Become a listener of our free podcast: Connie and Sheila Talk…Real Life, Real Estate, Real Fun! Each week we discuss new and current real estate topics.


Sheila Tidwell

Connie and Sheila Talk

(Sheila Tidwell is a licensed REALTOR® in Tennessee and a Real Estate Investor with over 8 years experience)



SFT BLOG – “Wake Up and Smell the Kool-Aid





“Wake Up and Smell the Kool-Aid”





On Sunday, October 30, 2011, I watched a very interesting story aired on “60 Minutes”.  The story was the 1st televised interview of Ruth Madoff, wife of Bernie Madoff.  As you remember, Bernie Madoff was convicted of running the largest Ponzi scheme in history and he swindled 1,000’s of people out of billions of dollars.  As I listened, my heart truly ached for the victims of this selfish, conniving and greedy man.


The story left me with a question I would like ask: Who has control of your money?

I am not referring to your checkbook, spending money or money allotted to pay bills.  But who has control of your savings?  The money you work very hard to earn.  Money you trade precious time in return for dollars.  Who has control of that money?

  • Is it in a savings account earning 1%?
  • 401(k) account?  Stocks?
  • CD Account?  Investment Broker?
  • How often to you look at these accounts?
  • Do you know the track record of the investment vehicle you deposit your hard earned money in?
  • Do you know the person or persons responsible for safe guarding and growing this money?

These are questions you should consider now, not 25 or 50 years from now, but today.  If you do not know the answers to these questions, it is no different than giving your “savings” to the guy behind the counter at the Quickie Mart, to a new college graduate or even a bookie.  In other words it’s a crap shoot.


Fact: Everyone thought Bernie Madoff was the “one” to invest with.  After all, he was a successful financier, stock broker and former chairman of the NASDAQ.  But when the economic down turn began devouring the giants of Wall Street, Mr. Madoff’s 50 billion dollar “Ponzi-Scheme” was revealed to the world and his many victims paid with their life savings.


Fact: In 2009, Time Magazine wrote an article titled: “Why It’s Time To Retire the 401(k)”.  The article states: “The Society of Professional Asset-Managers and Record Keepers say nearly 73 million Americans, or just under 50% of our working population, now have a 401(k). And collectively we pour more than $200 billion into these accounts each year. But retire rich? Don’t bet on it. The average 401(k) has a balance of $45,519. That’s not retirement. That’s two years of college. Even worse, 46% of all 401(k) accounts have less than $10,000.”

Fact: Champions of these type investment vehicles argue this is not a fair comparison but a snap shot during one of the worst economic down turns in history.  Yet, records reveal at the start of 2000 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 11,357 and a DECADE later, closed at 11,577.  (220 points in 10 years.)


Fact: When money is “lost” on Wall Street, it goes somewhere, to someone else.

The following is an excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki’s book: “Conspiracy of the Rich”[amazon_enhanced asin=”0446559806″ container=”” container_class=”” price=”Hide” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /]

“In 1913, the Federal Reserve was created, even though the Founding Fathers, creators of the U.S. Constitution, were very much against a national bank that controlled the money supply….Few people know that the Federal Reserve is not federal, it has no reserves and it is not a bank….In 1971, President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard and in 1974, the U.S. Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) which led to retirement vehicles like the 401(k).  This act effectively forced millions of workers who enjoyed employer-provided defined benefit (DB) pension plans to instead rely on defined contribution (DC) pension plans and put all of their retirement money in the stock market and mutual funds.  Wall Street now had control of the U.S. citizen’s retirement money.”


We turn our money over to people who have impressive initials after their name, who work in large important firms, who drive expensive vehicles and live in exclusive homes.  And when something goes wrong with the investment plan they create, they don’t write a check to you to cover the loss.  You are on your own.  Therefore, to a large extent I understand and relate with “Occupy Wall Street”.  I think most of these individuals are sick of the continued devaluation of the American worker, the deflation of our money, they are fed up with the Fed and they want change.  These individuals want U.S. corporations and individuals to stop drinking the “Kool-Aid” from Wall Street before it’s too late and we enter into an irreversible economic slide.

At the same time, I believe we are ultimately responsible for our money and our savings and I believe we are the ones who should control it.


Did you know there are investment vehicles available which allow YOU to direct, control and manage YOUR money?  Not a stranger, but you!

These investment vehicles are self-directed and allow you to invest in any assets that are not prohibited by Treasury regulations and the Internal Revenue Service and to benefit from those opportunities.  One such vehicle is a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) and this allows you to invest in rental property, rehabs, commercial property, raw land, bank notes and other forms of real estate.

What can you do?

  • Consult with your financial advisor and if you don’t have a financial advisor, talk to an expert in the field.
  • Educate yourself via: seminars, books, programs, etc…
  • Find a Mentor
  • Ask questions, make a plan and move forward

In the end, it is our responsibility to be good stewards of our money.  Stop drinking the “Kool-Aid” of the path of least resistance and take action.

Sheila Tidwell

“Connie and Sheila Talk”

(Sheila Tidwell is not an expert in the field of: taxes, IRA, 401K, etc…Sheila is a licensed REALTOR® in Tennessee and a Real Estate Investor with over 8 years experience)

BLOG – Looking For A Career In Real Estate?

Often we are asked: How can I do what you do?  What do I need to do to get started in real estate?  I want to “flip” houses, where do I start?  Can I make money in this market renovating houses?  I think I want to get my real estate license, do you think that’s a good idea?

We love questions.  We feel honored that people respect our opinion enough to ask us.  Consequently a great place to start is by asking a few questions in return.

Before we get to the questions, we want to say kudos for having the drive to do your own thing.  It takes a lot of courage and self confidence to reach for something new.  And in reaching for something new, you realize there will be obstacles and challenges.  One such challenge you should be aware of is entrepreneurship, in many ways, can be a blessing and a curse.  The blessing: It is very gratifying to “work” in a field that you have a passion for. The passion drives the hard work making it fun and rewarding.  The curse:  Entrepreneurs are driven and results oriented individuals who often times place unreal expectations on themselves and their dreams.  When results don’t come quickly enough, these unreal expectations can lead some to feel they have failed.

But if we allow ourselves a little grace, patience and quiet introspection we can discover our true passion and begin building a beautiful foundation for the next move.

Therefore, before you decide to get into real estate, ask yourself these three questions.


Do I want to be a REALTOR® or a real estate investor?  Not to say that you cannot be both.  We started real estate investing in 2004 and didn’t become REALTORS® until 2009 and 2010.  We consider investing as being more for your own deals, your own stuff.  Where as being a REALTOR® you are acting on behalf of others, either representing buyer clients or seller clients.  There is a difference in the two and they are as different as night and day.

We believe spending our first 4-5 years as investors taught us more about the “behind the scenes” and inner workings of real estate, than being on the fore front acting as a REALTOR® ever would have.  After investing in real estate our 1st five years and growing our own rental portfolio, obtaining our license was a natural progression.  Having our license now is a real benefit for us.

However, not having our license in the beginning allowed us to lean on an agent who was much more experienced and helpful and we learned a lot.  Thus we were able to focus on learning how to become better investors instead of learning how to be a REALTOR®.

So, do you want to buy properties for yourself, fix them up and sale them?  Fix them up and rent them?  Want to buy properties from banks (REOs), foreclosures, HUD property?  Want to figure out the short sale market and help individuals get out of a mortgage they can’t afford?

Or do you want to help clients find a home and walk them thru the buying process?  Are you someone who would rather not show property, but rather list a property and let a buyer’s agent sell it for you?

Walt Disney said…“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  Ask yourself questions about things you are curious about.  Discover the answer and move in that direction, wherever that takes you.


Realistically, how long do you think it will take me to make a living at it?  We see many people with the expectations of making tons of money in real estate quickly.

Is real estate a money-making business?  Absolutely, if you work it, build it, nurture it and believe in it.  However, there are real estate market cycles and depending on which cycle your market area is in will determine your ability to generate an income or cash flow.  But remember, in a down market you can still make money depending on what area of investing you are focused on.  However, the money you make may not be in the form of cash or cash flow but rather equity capture.

Since we all know you can’t buy groceries with equity, one must come to understand and accept it takes time to build a base.  Be realistic with the time frame of how much money you’re going to make and how quickly the money will come.  Most businesses take 3-5 years to build a solid foundation.  With real estate investing it is easy to build a substantial net worth in 3-5 years, but that’s usually on paper.  In this society we need money and cannot live on equity alone, so learn how to generate multiple streams of income to accommodate the growing and learning process.  There are many areas of real estate that generate income and can compliment your existing business.  Ex: agent, investor, wholesaler, bird-dog, appraiser, home inspector, contractor, etc…


Am I doing this for the money or is real estate a real passion for me?  As we stated earlier, real estate markets are cyclical and some cycles are better than others.  Some years you can make millions and other years you may not make very much in terms of liquid cash.  Be prepared for market cycles to change.

Remember you should love what you are doing or you will get burnt out very quickly in the lean times.  Life is too short to spend most of our waking hours doing something we don’t enjoy.

We love and breath real estate, and are grateful to be able to pursue our passion.  Living your passion allows you to keep moving forward regardless of the current market conditions.  If you get into real estate just for the money, there will come a time when you question why you ever got in.  Make sure you love what you are doing.  It isn’t the money that makes us successful; it is the joy of loving what we do that brings on the money and the success.


We once heard someone say, “Love what you do and the money will come.”  It is true, believe it.  THINK real estate, grow RICH!  That is what we do, but if real estate isn’t your thing, just THINK RICH and love what you do.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”   ~ Albert Einstein




Connie & Sheila


For more information on real estate and related topics visit:


Connie Williams' Blog

Sheila and I are excited to list on MLS our latest project.  We spent $23,000 remodeling this townhome.  It is now ready for it’s new owner.  Check out the MLS listing here.  Click on the link and then click on the picture of the house.  20 pictures with descriptions will open up.

What a pleasure it was to turn this sad townhome into one which people will actually want to live in.

We are so blessed to get to do what we do for a living.





NUNC PRO TUNC – Then for Now

What our lives are and what our lives should be are two very different things, most of the time. We live in a world where everything we need is within our ability to have. We say we want to live happy lives, but often times do not take the necessary actions to live that life we speak of. We are humans and EVERYTHING we do is driven by emotions. It is what sets us apart from every other living thing on this planet. Emotions are a sign of being happy or sad, frustrated or elated, inspired or defeated, motivated or lethargic. How fortunate are we to have emotions that enable us to see and feel the signs? We have a choice in the way we feel, and we have a choice as to whether we keep waving the banner of (insert emotion here).

Emotions are a great part of being human, a blessing of sorts. What is wonderful about experiencing pain and frustration? It is the lessons learned from what caused these emotions. The pain, frustration, the anger, or whatever the emotion; it is the symptom to an underlying problem within ourselves. When we are open and look for causes of the pain, frustration and the anger, we often times discover something about ourselves that needs improving. We often want to blame others for OUR emotions, when actually it is our problem not theirs. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am in no way condoning “bad” behavior. I am only trying to convey a message that we and we alone are in control of our own emotional health. We are in charge of how we respond to life’s “problems”.

Several years ago Sheila and I were buying an investment property and were introduced to a legal term that I now like to use in everyday life. We fortunately discovered the house we were buying to fix up and add to our rental portfolio had been involved in a tax sale. Our purchase contracts have only two contingencies; 1 – The seller must provide a clear, marketable and insurable title. 2 – The property shall not have been involved in a tax sale in the last 20 years. According to public record the owner was a private company located just outside of Nashville, TN. The property we had a contract on was a foreclosure and we were buying it from a bank. How could it be owned by a private company and yet a bank be the seller?

Cohen & Cohen, Attorneys are awesome. Yes, I just said I love our attorneys. While doing a title search before the closing, they discovered eleven months prior the house in question had indeed been sold at a tax sale in Davidson County. Our attorneys informed us the bank; the seller that had the house listed on MLS was indeed the mortgagee on this property. However, they were not properly notified about the impending tax sale. An investor from Williamson County bought the property unbeknownst to the bank. Neither party was at fault, the tax sale should never have happened. The bank should have been notified and given an opportunity to protect their interest and pay the back taxes. The purchase was a slow process and at times we would get discouraged not understanding everything that was happening. But my goodness what we learned from this one deal will stay with is for the rest of our lives. Not to mention we wound up with a property with $50,000 equity and a monthly passive income of $220 per month. We were rewarded for keeping our emotions in check.

This is where my new favorite term comes in; “Nunc Pro Tunc”. It means ” now for then”. It is used to express the thing or action that should have been taken at much earlier date or time, but was oversighted or forgotten or accidently missed and is to take place now. How cool is that? Our legal system has a way to acknowledge “THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED” or let’s say let’s trade now for then. To finish the story of the house, when someone buys a property at a tax sale, the owner has a one year right of redemption. The owner that “lost” the property can pay the “new” owner 110% of their purchase price and reclaim ownership of the property. In other words the investor makes a ten percent return on their investment, but if no one exercises their redemption rights in one year from the sale date, they in fact legally now own the property. When we saw the house listed on MLS and went and looked at, it was empty. Most investors know they cannot get any money back invested in the property within the first year, so they do nothing to the property. In this case the Williamson County company paid $10,000 for the house and were waiting out the redemptive period. The bank of course didn’t know they were not the legal owner, even after they had a legal foreclosure process. We are still confused as to how the all the paperwork was filed and missed each other, nonetheless it happened. What I love is the remediation process. In the end, NUNC PRO TUNC was used to remedy this problem, which enabled us to buy this house. Due to the NUNC PRO TUNC it is as if this house was never involved in a tax sale, which will no longer violate our number two contingency. We bought the house, fixed it up and have it rented to a fabulous young couple who love living there.

Nunc Pro Tunc is what allows us to be the owner of this wonderful investment property. Learning of this process lead me to question what else in life hangs us up? When something happens in my life now that hangs me up, that makes me have an emotion that I am not comfortable with, hopefully sooner than later I ask myself what can I do differently? What can I do to stop this feeling? I believe when we want something bad enough; there is a way to make it happen. It is our responsibility to figure it out. We have a choice, we can either throw our hands in the air and say, “SCREW IT”, or we can figure out a solution. Every problem has a solution; otherwise it wouldn’t be a problem. When we take the time to learn and understand why we do what we do, the answers come. The solutions magically appear. Ironically, knowing this, I still find myself thinking if “THEY” would just do this or that…… I have learned, well, I am still learning that it is up to ME and no one else to find the magic and the magic always comes from within. You hold the answers to all of your problems. I invite you to use the “nunc pro tunc” method when you need something to be different. We cannot go back in time like the courts did and “undo” something that happened, but what we can do is know we have a choice how we react to life’s challenges. Even if we aren’t happy with our first reaction, we can always ask ourselves WHY did we react that way and how can we respond differently next time?

What our lives are and what our lives should be, don’t have to be different at all. Our lives SHOULD BE INCREDIBLE and we owe it to ourselves to choose to live our life in a way that all our dreams come true. We are so blessed and when we recognize we have a choice in the matter and we act accordingly, life changes.. and change is good.

Connie Williams

Sharing “UBUNTU”.

For a thought provoking discussion:
What is your “UBUNTU”? We all have our own unique talents, strengths and interests; what makes you get up in the mornings? What can you share with us and the world, that can make us better people and the world a better place?

We recently recorded a show with Jared & Ilea Angaza. In fact the episode hits iTunes on April 6, 2011. You can also listen in at episode 051 titled “Living With No Electricity, BUT Lots of Energy”

In February 2011, Sheila and I had the good fortune to go on the No More Dreaded Monday’s Cruise, hosted by Dan & Joanne Miller. It was there that we first met the Miller’s. Many of you may know Dan Miller as the author of “48 Days To The Work You Love” & his newer titled book “No More Dreaded Monday’s”. A few weeks after returning home from the cruise we were invited to their house for dinner. At that dinner we met some of the Miller family, Jared & Ilea Miller (now known as Jared & Ilea Angaza) and also Dan & Joanne’s daughter Ashley, son-in-law Nathan and their two beautiful daughters, Clara & Ellie.

It didn’t take us long to recognize this family is very special. Peace and love flow through this home in such a way that one cannot help but sense it, feel it and be a part of it. After an evening of deep conversation we knew we had to have Jared & Ilea on our show. The only challenge would be, they were leaving to go back to Rwanda in less than 10 days. They both were very kind in working us into their schedule and came to our THiNKING ROCKS STUDIO and recorded a show two days before they left Nashville.

The Angaza’s are a couple who share their hearts, their life and their love with one and all. We especially love their life philosophy of UBUNTU. They share what UBUNTU is and they share how they live their life in Africa, loving each day. We hope you tune in and listen to this amazing couple as they share their involvement with KEZA, the making of some incredible jewelry, adding to the fashion industry and how they are helping people all over the world.

For those of you who cannot wait to know what in the world UBUNTU is,
here is a definition by Desmond Tutu.
“Ubuntu is a concept that we have in our Bantu languages at home. Ubuntu is the essence of being a person. It means that we are people through other people. We cannot be fully human alone. We are made for interdependence, we are made for family. When you have ubuntu, you embrace others. You are generous, compassionate. If the world had more ubuntu, we would not have war. We would not have this huge gap between the rich and the poor. You are rich so that you can make up what is lacking for others. You are powerful so that you can help the weak, just as a mother or father helps their children. This is God’s dream.” ~ Bishop Desmond Tutu

Thanks for your time. Feel free to post a comment letting us know what your passions are. We all have a calling, what is yours?
May you know peace, joy, wonder and wisdom, in this life just as it is.
Connie & Sheila

One of Robert Kiyosaki’s best comments ever, in my opinion.

In an email that I received today from Robert Kiyosaki, he is encouraging people who want to GET RICH to sign up for his new coaching program. What I liked most about his email is that while sharing about how he grew up thinking one way about money, and later learning that RICH PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY about money. Actually RICH PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY about everything. My favorite part of this “ad” is not about the coaching program but the words he used….”To BE rich, you must THINK rich”. Looks like we may have found the inspiration for a new “THINKING ROCKS!” rock. THiNK Rich!

Dear Conspiracy of the Rich Reader,
If you grew up poor or middle-class, like I did, you were taught to think about money differently than the rich. To BE rich, you must THINK rich.

Of course the blog/ad was longer than what I have shared above.

Just know that it isn’t Robert Kiyosaki that can make you rich, you are the only one that can do that. First you have to THiNK RICH!

Here’s to changing the way we all THiNK!
Connie Williams