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Have You Ever Thought of Having Your Own Radio Show?

Imagine being able to share your knowledge, skills, talents and opinions with the world. Sound like something you’re interested in?

In 2010 at an event called Nashville PodCamp we met Cliff Ravenscraft. He is the Podcast Answerman. Within a few weeks of meeting was a reality. Cliff helped us record our very first podcast and push it to iTunes all in the same day. Click her to hear an interview with Cliff 1 year later. It’s our 50th episode.

Lots of people ask us if we make money doing the podcast. They ask how we got started, and what equipment we use. Here are two things we want to share with you.

Your Time Is Valuable

First, don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to start a podcast. Monday, March 4th is the first day of Podcasting A-Z. When we began working with Cliff this course was not available, but had it been – we would have taken advantage of it and Cliff’s knowledge. Too many people waste time trying to learn it all on their own. Your time is valuable, make the most of it by hiring a teacher, a coach-who eventually will become your friend. This online course lasts for (4) weeks and the final day of the course is March 29th. We recorded our first podcast on March 30, 2010. Imagine having your first podcast on iTunes as early as March 30th. You can and will if you give yourself this educational gift. The cost is $999, but if you register through our link you’ll save $100 by using the code peace. We have just been informed this is the last session at this price. The course will be $1999 for the next session (which is still a great deal.) Click here to register for Podcasting A-Z.

This One Deal Will Make Us $222,500

Second, here’s a story answering the question, “Can you make money podcasting?” At the end of our first year of ConnieandSheilaTalk we had the opportunity to buy (5) condos in Nashville. The fair market value was $85,000 each, but using our method of calculations we could only pay $65,000 each. We didn’t know the seller but was introduced by a colleague. The seller’s price was $80,000 each and when we offered $65,000 each he declined. He was a great guy and we enjoyed meeting him, we told him a little about our business and our podcast. A few days later we approached him with another proposal. We offered to pay his price of $80,000 for each condo if he would carry the note ($80,000 x 5 = $400,000) and give us a principal only loan for (5) years. He said he had listened to several episodes of our podcast and felt like he knew us, and then he agreed to basically lend us $400,000 at zero interest. In five years (2015) the principal balance on each condo will be $59,000 each. At just a 2% appreciation rate per year, in five years the condos will be worth an estimated $93,900. When we go to the bank to get the loan to cash out the seller, the condos will be at a 63% LTV (loan-to-value) making it very easy to get a loan. From the tenant’s rent payment we pay the seller and get to keep $800 per month. Figuring all five years (60 months) we will have made $48,000 in cash flow from rents, $105,000 in principal reduction on the loan, and nearly $70,000 in equity. You could say this one deal will make us $222,500 plus the ownership of (5) condos. Click here to hear an episode where we talk about this deal.

Register Today Using the Code PEACE

Do yourself a favor and register for Podcasting A-Z today. The world wants to hear what you have to say. Okay, maybe not the world, but WE do. We want your podcast to be with ours on iTunes.

Here just a few of the details about the course.

  • The class is four weeks in length.
  • It includes every single training tutorial that Cliff has created.
  • It includes FULL-ACCESS to ask Cliff anything, via the online forum, for four full weeks.
  • It includes Four LIVE Group Coaching Conference Calls with Cliff.
  • The cost is $999. HOWEVER, if you use the discount code “peace” you get $100 off! Bringing the cost to $899.

Don’t forget to let us know when you get your podcast up and going. Thank you Cliff for making this podcast a reality for us.


Connie & Sheila

3 thoughts on “Start Your Own Podcast, the Easy Way

  1. Cliff

    Thank you both so much for promoting my course! You continue to remain my favorite one-on-one clients I’ve ever worked with! See you next time I’m in Nashville!

  2. Connie & Sheila

    Are you kidding? We are honored to promote your Podcasting A-Z Course. This is an amazing gift anyone interested in podcasting could give themselves.

    Thanks for all you have done for us, and thank you for the kind words. You have been a joy to work with.

  3. Karin in Northern California

    Speaking of podcasts, your public awaits your next C&ST podcast. Maybe quarterly?

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