102 The Joys of Real Estate Investing

Welcome to episode 102 of “Connie and Sheila Talk”.  Here are today’s show segments:

1)    Famous Quotations

2)    The Joys of Real Estate Investing

3)    Heart Topic: Books & Blogs


Segment 1     Famous Quotations

“Never count on making a good sale. Have the purchase price be so attractive that even a mediocre sale gives good results.” ~ Warren Buffett

“A funny thing happens in real estate. When it comes back, it comes back like gangbusters.” ~ Barbara Corcoran

Segment 2    The Joys of Real Estate Investing

Steve Jobs once delivered the commencement speech at Stanford and said: “You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers … If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

There is something to be said about being able to do the work you love.

We found our “love” when we began real estate investing. In the beginning we “worked” 7 days a week on our RE Investing business, but we didn’t think of it as work because we enjoyed it so much. We immersed ourselves in learning all aspects of RE Investing.

But with all good things, there are obstacles too.  Today we share some of our most recent challenges and how we dealt with each one.  Even if you are not a real estate investor, we think you will find the information helpful.

 Segment 3    Heart Topic: Books & Blogs 

 We want to thank each of you for being a loyal listener of our podcast.  We appreciate you very much! For the first 100 episodes of “Connie and Sheila Talk” our goal was to produce and publish high quality, content rich episodes each week. We did this for over hundred episodes and now we are changing things up a bit.

We discovered the best way for us to learn about a topic is to write about it. Since the real estate market is picking up we want to be ready for the up-trend.  To do this, we must prepare and learn as much as we can because it will be a brand new market with brand new rules and brand new players.

As we learn more, we will share what we learn through our podcasts and blogging and we are still committed to producing/publishing high quality content.  So what’s changing?

We might blog more than podcast and we might not produce content on a weekly basis.  However, please understand, our goal is to share good & relevant material to benefit you, our listener. If you are not an investor don’t go away. Just like our tagline says – we talk about Real Life and Real Fun stuff too, and that won’t change!

Again, thank you to everyone for your support and keep those emails and posts coming!

Special Note: Many of you know Connie’s first book was published in April 2012. We are excited to announce as of last week Thinking Consciously Rocks is now available on Kindle. Through their KDP Select Program we have given Amazon.com a 90 day exclusive on the ebook. From August 9th – 11th, Thinking Consciously Rocks will be available on Kindle for FREE. If you want further information we invite you to check out the latest blog post on: www.ThinkingConsciouslyRocks.com.

Our question this week is:  Will you help us spread the word about the FREE Kindle version download? Using social media, you can post a message on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and/or tell your friends and family the old way, by word of mouth.

Until next time, Peace!

Connie and Sheila


People, Places & Things mentioned on this episode:
Peggy & Larry DeKay’s The Business of Writing International Summit August 11-12, 2012 (Louisville, KY)

Mike Bulter’s Great Investor Cruise December 1-8, 2012

Dan Miller’s Wisdom Meets Passion Cruise  February 9-16, 2013

Not interested in cruising, but are interested in writing, speaking or being a coach? Check out 48 Days products for all three.



Click the book picture to order your Kindle copy, or click on this THiNKING CONSCIOUSLY ROCKS link. Don’t have a Kindle but want to order one? Click on the Amazon Kindle Picture or this link.


Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

2 thoughts on “102 The Joys of Real Estate Investing

  1. jillian

    I totally agree with your great compassion and how great it feels to help your renters, taking care of your tenants well is the best thing you could possibly be doing.
    I love your show because your comments aboout your tenants is so honoring.
    To give nice people a great place to live and take good care of the property what better job is there!!
    you guys are great.

  2. admin Post author

    We never want to take our tenants for granted. They are who and why we can do what we do.

    We never want to take our listeners for granted either. Thank you for listening and for “loving” our show. Our show is one aspect of what we do that we always look forward to.

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