Welcome to episode 098 of “Connie and Sheila Talk”.  Here are today’s show segments:

1)   Famous Quotations

2)   Build a 21st Century Business

3)   Heart Topic: THiNKing Consciously Rocks!


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Segment 1     Famous Quotations

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”  ~ E.E. Cummings

“I must be consciously aware of what I choose to think.  What I feel is rooted in what I think.  In turn, what I think and feel determines what I do and say.”  ~ Connie Williams


 Segment 2    Build A 21st Century Business 

Would it surprise you if we said that Facebook helped us sell 2 houses last year?

Would you be surprised to learn we bought 5 properties, no money down, from a seller who listened to our podcast?

Today we share how and why Social Media and Modern Technology can make or break your business and how to stay relevant in the 21st Century.


Segment 3    Heart Topic: THiNKING CONSCIOUSLY ROCKS! by Connie Williams

Connie’s book, THiNKING CONSCIOUSLY ROCKS! was published in April.  This was a joyous event we celebrated on April 20th with 80 plus family and friends at the PPYC club house.

Today, Connie shares with us why she wrote the book and how it has changed her life.

Here are a few excerpts from Connie’s book:

  • “Ask A Better Question, Get A Better Answer.  We have to ask ourselves new questions.  We must get back to the days when we actually had passions, dreams and goals.”
  • Regarding Newton’s Laws of Motion, she writes: “We are often the objects that are not in motion….for change to occur something has to change.”
  • “You attract into your life what you think about most.  For this reason when we think small-minded, the world is very small and our life is a struggle.  When we think with a big-mind, life is much easier.  Unconditional love flows and we have inner peace, our life is exactly what it is suppose to be and we find happiness.  It is our choice to live however we chose.”

Our question this week is: “Do you THiNK Consciously?”

Until next week, Peace!

Connie and Sheila

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