Greetings and welcome to “Connie and Sheila Talk”! Sit back and listen as we discuss:
1) Private Lending
2) Heart Topic: Win-Win
3) Update on: “Diary of a Mad House”
We have a lot of people ask: “How do you find private lenders?” Or “Where do you find private lenders?” So we spend the first part of this week’s show explaining how we do it and the bottom line is: we try to make it a Win-Win for all parties involved. How does that work?
A) Look at your needs…define them…be clear about what you need
B) Talk to others about what you do
C) Look around at others and identify a need they may have
D) Match these needs up…to create a relationship that helps all parties involved
E) In the current state of private lending the word: Bernie Madoff is on the tongue of everyone and rightly so. Be sure to educate your possible lender on how you secure their money and the process. Explain how your business works…welcome all questions.
F) Remember: This is not an overnight strategy. It takes time to build trust. Be open. Be honest. Do not try to get private money until you know what you are doing. Above all, protect your private lender.
Our Heart Topic this week is: Win-Win! In business and our personal lives we can never go wrong if this is a priority. When implemented, on a consistent basis, this philosophy will make us stand out. We will be recognized as one who strives to meet everyone’s needs and in turn, success will follow. Helping each other reach personal or professional goals is, as the Hokey Pokey so wonderfully states it: “what it’s all about”.
Our question this week is: Who can help you AND who can you help? Think about it. After all, that is what it’s all about!!
Connie and Sheila

2 thoughts on “024 WIN-WIN

  1. Brenda

    Win-Win. What a great topic! It gave me lots to “Think” about.

    In answer to your question: (1) Who can help you AND (2) who can you help?

    (1) Let’s face facts, I need schooling in absolutely everything! There are sooooo many people who can help me in so many ways…………. though I rarely ask………that’s not good is it?
    (2) I like to believe that I am someone who would be, could be, and/or is helpful to others, though truly……… I am rarely asked…..hummmmm……….seems to be a stalemate here too. I had better break out my “ThinkGratitude” and “ThinkLove Rocks”……………..How inspiring that you have found a way to conquer those stalemates in your own lives. Thanks for another eye-opener.

    Here is my Win/Win quote for you:

    “The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.”

    —Paramahansa Yoganda

  2. Connie and Sheila


    You have inspired us to add a new segment in our podcasts! (Epsiode 025) Thank you for this inspiration!!

    What a powerful and wonderful quote you posted above…thank you!!

    Connie and Sheila

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